Simple Installer

A simple installer designed to do all the hard work for you. Including downloading and applying fixes or loading a basic config. Installing can be as simple as running one command. Once installed a vanilla server will be ready to go.



SteamCMD is a command-line version of the Steam client. Its primary use is to install and update various dedicated servers available on Steam using a command-line interface.

Most game servers require SteamCMD to manage updates. LinuxGSM integrates seamlessly with SteamCMD leaving no requirement for you to manage it.


Game servers can sometimes crash. LinuxGSM has a monitor that detects if your server has crashed and restart it for you.


LinuxGSM provides you with all the important information you need to know about your game server.

Example Info

  • Server Name
  • Distro details
  • Performance
  • Networking
  • Config Files
  • Online Status
  • Command-line Parameters


Receive alerts that keep you informed about the status of your server. Get alerted if your server has crashed or updated via email or Pushbullet.




A basic backup feature is available that will allow you to create an archive of your server. This is useful if you plan on making any changes to your server and need to create a backup just in case of issues.

LinuxGSM uses tmux to allow the server to run in the background. Console allows you to see what the server is currently doing.

If things go wrong you can use debug to figure out any issues. Debug will run the server directly in your terminal and will make is easer to diagnose issues.